Now THAT'S the American Dream

Sometimes I can get pretty overwhelmed.

By what, you ask?

Oh, well, everything.

As you get older interesting things happen, and I don't mean those lines around your mouth. What might have once overwhelmed you, things like making sure you have on just the right outfit or turning yourself inside out to get a mean person's approval, well those things oftentimes fade away. You're comfortable in your own skin, satisfied with who you are. Victory, right? In a sense, yes. It is a victory.

But other equally annoying things crop up in their place. Thoughts like, 'Damn I'm old, I need to buy a house!' and 'Did my friend just say her kid's in junior high? Do I even have any eggs left in the basket?!' Yeah, those annoying things. Thankfully the only eggs I'm thinking about right now are the ones I missed out on at Easter. But the house thing? I'll admit: I wouldn't mind my own personal space.  Free from neighbors who help themselves to my barbecue just as I'm about to barbecue. True story.

One of Southern California's saving graces is its apartments. A lot of them are chock full of character, and you can't help wanting to move every couple years when one of the good ones comes up for grabs. Remember this place? I've kept an eye on it since I first spotted it about 5 years ago. It has now been for rent for 2 months, so the other day I caved and stopped by to check it out when I saw the sign: No Pets. What do you mean NO PETS? Don't these people know cats are family? Fa-mi-lee.
There it is. Big windows waiting for my white couch just inside...perfect cat sunning perch.
Obviously someone else wasn't feeling the 'No Pets' hate because they turned that sign upside down.
 ~Details: Forever21-Blazer and Fringe T, Free People-Denim, Steve Madden-Platforms~
~Bracelets (L): Vanessa Mooney, VM. (R): PANYC. Necklaces: Vanessa Mooney & Low Luv~
~Rings: (L): MarcxMarc Coil, Low Luv-Bones, Handmade-Wire Wrapped. (R): Low Luv~

Can't do it y'all. Home is where the cats are.
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