Catching the Crazy

We got a late start on Sunday, but decided to head over to the local flea market to take a quick peek anyway.  Suffice it to say a couple days of pouring rain held crowds at bay, but there remained some interesting cats to see (did you catch Sunday's post?) as well as a lot of really cool finds in amongst the junk.  I'm sorry, but I have to call a spade a spade.  I mean is anyone really interested in a 25 year old faded out plastic Garfield that's missing a leg?  Anyone? Anyone?  

Thanks to brisk temperatures there were very few people perusing the racks, so I was able to take my time.  Somewhere in there I think I caught it:  the flea market bug.  The thrifting fever (not to be mistaken with Bieber fever just to be clear).  Second, third and fourth hand mania.  Whatever you want to call it there was a moment of clarity where I realized I'm finally getting the hang of this, and could actually select and get excited about picking up a couple things.  Okay one thing, but there were almost 5.  And 2 days later I'm actually regretting the 4 things I left behind.  Can you imagine??
The bridge into I Get It Land.
Seriously though - that's how much rain we got in SoCal - it was nuts.
Piles of amazing vintage Asian treasures.
I'm not sure what this look/stance combo is.  
Consider it the look of barely able to contain myself + don't want fabric to hit ground. 
If you could only see how sick trick it truly is!!
This falls into the 'not sorry I left it behind' category.
While this one falls into the 'what was I thinking leaving that mother behind?!' pile.

And of course it was cold enough to bring out the Technicolor Dreamcoat again (last seen here).  I never tire of it and apparently neither does anyone else.  I've been stopped in the street, touched by random passersby who can't control themselves - that makes for interesting conversation -, and a woman at the flea proclaimed, "this is so you!  I mean you're wearing your rug and everything!"  Come to think of it I hope she wasn't referring to my hair.  Maybe I'll see her next time so I can ask - I can hardly wait! 

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