Come Gaze Upon: Tucker Resort 2011

Even though the sun's been shining I'm in some sort of winter funk.  I had to ask myself, "Is it Monday?", but no it goes beyond that.  January is a dirty word.  It's the post-holiday month, a long month, a cold month.  On the wardrobe front it's a time of confusion.  One minute we've got 70+ degrees, the next it's 52.  I know I can't complain given all the snow so many of you are getting, but I'm feeling all kinds of apparel schizophrenia these days.  Argh.

In effort to inject some lightheartedness into my day yesterday (oh who am I kidding?  and on Sunday, too) I spent a good deal of time ooooohing and aaaaahing over Gaby Basora's new Resort line.  You may think that I'm not swooning and crying over Tucker like before?  But no dear readers the love affair continues.  I just try to distract myself and watch my pennies because I know Gaby will blow it out of the park come spring.  Her clothing says 60's, 60's, 60's! And I am all about a rebirth.

Based on the following I do believe spring will be coming early this year...

Can we discuss?  Okay it's settled.  Need.  
All of it.  Shoes+Hat, too.
But wait, it keeps going.
+ Waist Drop SHORTS (shown here in Katya & Khadija)
+ impeccable pony tail
= I think I'm going to cry.  
My heart sings out, "Perfection!" 
I know, I know.  Hold yourself.  I'm holding myself.  
Look at the styling...note to self:  get.glasses.
Wait.  I've got glasses that I need and seldom wear.
BTW, this woman is channeling my mother circa her high school days.
No jokes.
Can I just mention how happy I am that I didn't cut
all my hair off last month? Messy pull backs coming right up.
Also - desperately.seeking.these.very.sunnies!
While we're on the subject of sun, let us imagine slipping on this 
blouse after a day in the rays having acquired a glow.
Happy place.
p.s. those are shorts she's wearing it with!!
I just couldn't resist showing you this one, too.
Examine the hat, the print, the shoes...
Gah!  Wallet commences bleeding!!

So many times during the week I find myself going into the closet and pulling out one of my many Tucker pieces to wear.  Whether it's a bright velvet tank layered under a blouse, or a dress worn over denim and capped off with some sort of coat - Gaby's clothes are just the most carefree things I own.  Here's to spring, dear friends. Is it here yet?  And to everyone currently undergoing snowpocalypse 2011 - my sincere condolences.  May a resort be in your immediate future.

Btw - Kara from Sprinkles and Springs featured me as her February Blogger of the month.  Check out her post here - she drew the most insanely talented pictures of me!!

ps-I will be emailing you tout de suite re:  the white denim seeing as yesterday took me out. 
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