Sleeping With the Plants

It all started here.
Actually that's not entirely true (but it was a better picture to show up on google reader so there's always that to consider).   

In reality it started here, with OPERATION EYESORE.
Who does this upon vacating a residence? Who? Apparently my landlord, that's who.
In his defense, his wife was about 8.5 months pregnant when they left and I took over.
Who knew moving up 20 stairs could turn into a bad scene out of a dumpster?

And now the truly horrifying thing: aside from some light cleaning and debris removal, I did nothing with the space from last May until about 2 weeks ago when the above was taken. When was Mother's day? That's when I rolled into the floral place to get some treats for Chris's mom and instead left with a gangload of succulents for myself as seen in photo 1.  What can I say? It really is all about me, I guess. 

Cut to scene and there we were over the long weekend, eyeballs deep in Home Depot and a local nursery, trying to determine what to do with that glorious deck space.  
It always starts out so peacefully...and by the end of the day you look like you got sucked into
a wind tunnel and haven't showered in weeks. You know, like the hipsters do.
The great thing about Home Depot is they don't require combs. Ever.
And then there was that whole screen door ripping off the hinges due to high winds thing.

So even though I made it in and out of Ikea in under an hour that Friday of the long weekend, little did I know it was the last time things would go smoothly for the remainder of those days off. Unless you count the margaritas I consumed somewhere in there, and the giant pig I saw at a home store. One of those things definitely happened prior to the other. And yes I am eliminating further whiny details.
So much better, right? RIGHT? 

And it's gotten even better since then. In fact I think it was better prior to the end of that weekend, but I'm still weeding through pictures so I'll post as I locate. 

And to the person who emailed me: no, I have not given up. I'm just old and can't multi-task like I used to.

And because someone will want to know (cat lovers unite): Pink T-Shirt-Zoe Karssen (and here in sweatshirt), Shorts-Current/Elliott (similar or love these, too), Vanessa Mooney-Mocs (here's the bootie and it is damn good too, waiting in my closet to come out). Blazer up top is J.Crew Seersucker. Not sure if there are any left, but totally worth checking out if you're in seersucker mode this spring/summer. 
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