As of late you will more often than not find me like this.

Okay maybe not exactly like this given the red denim of it all, but pretty close to it. Chris snapped this iPhone one a couple weekends ago on a dreary Saturday when I was deep in thought over a frustrating situation. The kind I'd like to splash hot tea on. You know how those go. Or maybe I'm a sole splasher?

Dealing with people who are in the box is tough.

In the box is a scary place to be. Having a pretty narrow view, primarily out of fear, but then exercising that narrow view from a place of authority in order to try and suck others--especially those living their lives with a degree of freedom--into that box because misery loves company. If you are someone who is a free spirit then you know how your liberty disturbs people in the box.

It makes them angry.

They want to choke you with your red pants.

By not giving in to their power trips and fear tactics, you continually disprove their theory that life inside the box is where it's at and life outside the box is for 'those wingnuts'. It's scary for them. In truth, you scare them. Because the truth is, deep inside, they already hate that damn box anyway. THEY WANT OUT!

I'm dealing with a resident of boxville. Mostly I'd like to throttle this person, but now that I'm ahem of a certain age I would also like to help in, what I believe may be, the beginning of this person's journey out of boxdom. Change begins with discomfort. Instead of flipping the bird and strolling off (which may end up happening anyway), I'm trying to accept what may be my role as an agent of change.

Truth? I don't feel like it.

I'd rather wave my freedom flag and march off into the sunset. I may or may not holler over my shoulder, 'Enjoy your box!'. It would all depend on how self-righteous I was feeling that day. That last part is why I'm trying to change. Everyone deserves a hand up. And maybe there's something I need to see about myself in all this, too.

I think about it a lot. How am I conducting myself in the face of negativity? How am I safeguarding myself against feelings of bitterness? How am I fairly holding this person accountable without taking my feelings of 'WTF is wrong with you?!' out on them. It's a fine line I tell ya.

I might need another pair of colored jeans for this one. Or at least a fringe bag.
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