Shine in the Gloom

So here's the thing about living along the coast - at least in Southern California - you can potentially sit in overcast/foggy weather for hours not realizing that 5 minutes up the street the sun is beaming bright as can be.  Similarly sometimes you leave the house and it's toasty and fabulous only to return to brisk winds and grey skies.  Enter Sunday afternoon...there I was fresh off my flea market finds, all was well in the world.  I swear it was hot outside when we left the house.  Not so much upon return.  Enter breeze, clouds, and even fog.  Thankfully I had my bag to light the way.  Is it summer yet?

Shark fins! Okay not really, but kinda feels like it right?
Not sure what I'm looking at here...definitely wasn't the mini black widow spider
I killed last night on the ceiling.  (planted by landlord i'm sure)  
Unless it hitched a ride back to my place on my pant leg.
~Tucker-Elodie's Grand Mere Blouse, Gap-Pintuck High Rise Trouser (seen here), 
J.Crew-Leopard Belt (seen here), Free People-Pouchette (seen here), 
Brooklyn Thread-Beaded Bracelet, Melinda Maria & FP Rings, Target-Sunnies~
Couldn't sign off without pointing out it appears I've quite literally 
shredded my *ss off even though I've only completed up to Level 2 Day 6
of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.  

What else can I tell you, what else, what else?  Well first thing's first I should have bought more than one pair of these jeans seeing as I wear them 14x a week.  Aside from that tomorrow's Good Friday so I'll only be working a short stint in the AM before signing off for the weekend to celebrate Easter.  I'm looking forward to spending time with friends, going to church, organizing some stuff, cleaning off the deck, and scaring the sam hell out of the neighbors who are moving in downstairs.  It's always strength in numbers with those couple types, so I have to do like dogs do and mark my territory around the deck so they don't feel as though they can meander on up into my space whenever it suits their the girlfriend did this morning catching me strolling about in my pajamas!! Not pretty.

Never a dull moment over here at the bird.  
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